If you're feeling tired, overwhelmed, stressed, sad, overweight, lack motivation, feel stuck... then this guide is for you. I know how it feels to be all of these and it's why I wrote this guide. After living through these emotions daily for so long, I finally made a decision to change.. for good... and this guide is everything I learned on my own journey.

There is hope, there is a way, there is a better future - you just have to be willing to take that first step!

  • ​​Step 1 - Creating Your Why: 
    Knowing your why is the reason you get up out of bed and do the unusual, uncomfortable things others won’t do because your why is so powerful that the unusual stuff becomes second nature and the uncomfortable things become fun to do. This guide will help you learn your why to remind you each day why you do what you do! 
  • Step 2 - The Power of Vision Boards
    Creating a vision board is essential to anybody's growth. Seeing what you want and why you want it is a constant reminder to keep going and become the new version of you that you want to be

  • ​The Power of Having Physical Things to Touch Attached to Your Vision Board:
    Once you have created the vision board/book with the images, you need tangible things that you can physically touch and hold. This book will guide you through how to create yours and how to make your new version of your come to life!

  • ​Step 4 - The Power of Having an Accountability Partner or Tribe:
    Having an accountability partner or tribe allows you to have someone to let down, someone to disappoint, so it keeps you focused, motivated & dedicated to inspire them and prove to them just what can be achieved with persistence, consistence and determination. I teach you about this in the guide and how to setup your own.

  • Step 5 - The Power of Routine and Structure:
    Routine and Structure doesn't have to be boring, restricting and limiting. It can be incredibly powerful when implemented correctly. I take you through how to do this and create powerful routine and structure for your better life.

  • ​Step 6 - The Power of Daily Journal Entries
    Journalling is one of the most proven and effective ways to understand your daily emotions, reflect on why you feel that way and take action to have more positive emotions each day and less of the negative ones. This guide will teach you how to effectively journal each day.

  • Step 7 - The Power of Writing Out Your Ideal Day:
    The power of manifestation lies in writing and believing and receiving things as if they are already an aspect of your reality. This is an incredibly powerful strategy and you will learn how to implement this in your life to create better days!

  • ​Step 8 - The Power of Gratitude:
    Too often we get stuck because we become blind to the great things we do have in our life and how lucky we are to have them! When you take action each day to show gratitude, you re-wire your brain to think differently, releasing different neurochemicals for a happier and more vibrant you. This guide takes you through the shortcut you can do each day to making this happen in your life.
  • My personal library book list that have guided me to creating this e-book and going on my own ninety-day journey.

  • ​​A complete checklist of what you need to do to get started and complete your 90 day journey

  • An example and template of how to journal and what it should look like
  • A Roadmap guide to success

  • ​​A To-Do List template to help you prioritise your actions

  • ​A 'My Day' template to make your actions time-bound and reflect at the end of the day on what you have achieved!
If you're tired of your current life and want to make some real and lasting positive changes, there's no better time to download your FREE copy of this ebook. This guide has helped hundreds of women to step into their better self and it will help you too!
How many times have you said it before.... "I'll do it later." The problem with later is that it never happens. There's always another 'later'. The only time you have is now and it's what we do in the now that makes the difference between a mediocre life and a life that's fulfilled, abundant and filled with joy. The only way to get from where you are now and where you want to be is through ACTION! Every great journey starts with the first small step and that step is NOW by downloading this how-to guide and taking yourself on a journey for 90 days to become the best version of you!
I am your Empowerment Coach throughout this 90 day journey. 

Having embarked on a complete transformation of my mind, body and soul and what I have learnt I am sharing now with you to create the kickass life and live your dream life as your reality.

My goal is to help burnt out women break free of limiting habits & become their best self. I'm incredibly passionate about this as I know first hand, the difficulties in being unhappy and unhealthy. This guide will have a huge impact on your life if you follow the content. I can't wait to hear all about your results! 

Good luck! 
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